Decorations and stage props, made for children’s, adults’ and commercial theater performances.

Lighting decoration for the children’s theater performance “Op!”, director Eglė Kižaitė, theater “Pradžia”,

Neon light accents for the children’s’ theater performance “Sivužas”, director Žilvinas Beniušis, theater “Pradžia”,

Disassemblable rocket and performance props for the childrens’ theater performance “Planeta la mer”, director Žilvinas Beniušis, theater “Pradžia”,

All-round stage decorations, props and lighting effects for the comedy performance “Man gal magnio trūksta?”, director Balys Latėnas,

Lighting solutions for the performance “Psichozė 4.48”, director Kornelija Krasilnikovaitė, theater “OKT”,

Lighting fixtures for the performance “Errorai”, director Paulius Markevičius, theater “MMLAB”,

Pictured by Rūta Rylaitė, Laura Vansevičienė, Dmitrijus Matvejevas, Romas Davidonis.

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